GPL Digital Display Modifier

Copyright © 2003, Stefan Magnusson

Editor for toggling digital meter readings in cockpit view. The idea came from Swift, who had found out how to change a couple of bytes in GPL.EXE to have the F10 view's digital meter readings visible in cockpit view.

The program also allows changing the font size for the meter readings and other information messages in the cockpit view. Based on findings by Willi Herrmann and Denis Fedorov.

Thank you guys.

Run the self extracting archive to install the program. If you have installed v1.0.x you might want to uninstall that first, but it shouldn't cause any problems if you don't.

I have only had the possibility to test it with the English (UK) version of GPL, and if anyone has a problem, please send the GPL.EXE to me so I can make an update to make it work with your version to.

If you have added modified font files (named optx10.bbf, and possibly optx9.bbf) to your font directory, you can remove them now.



GPL Digital Display Modifier v2.0.1. (Full package)     (File size: 2167 kB. Released: Wednesday, 2003-04-23)

GPL Digital Display Modifier v2.0.1. (Executable Only)     (File size: 30 kB. Released: Wednesday, 2003-04-23)

Revision History

2.0.1 (2003-04-23)fixed a couple of minor bugs in the interface.
2.0.0 (2003-04-23)Release. Complete reprograming to allow individual settings for all meter readings and messages.
1.0.1 (2003-04-12)Updated the installation routine.
1.0.1 (2003-03-23)Release. Found a bug that made patching GPL versions older than impossible.
1.0.0 (2003-03-23)Initial release.