Welcome to my attempt to keep track of the best / most interesting addons for GPL (IMHO of course). The site has been up since early January 2001 and the number of visitors since 2001-Jan-10 you can see in the right upper corner. I moved the site 2001-09-16 and the count is the sum of the visits at the old location and the new.

You will probably find the site quite minimalistic (because of my incredibly good taste, ha!) so keep an eye on the status bar when moving the mouse pointer over a link. It will display more information. Every external link you click on, will open a new browser window. The reason is that I don't like sites trying to contain other peoples design efforts in their own framework.

The site will work reasonably well in 800x600 (Don't try anything lower than that, it would be difficult to read the text and tables.), but 1280x1024 will give a good result (my default resolution). You can off course go higher, but the text would become quite small.). Configure your system to use lots of colors, otherwise the colors used for text and links might be difficult to distinguish from each other, here is an example.

Color samples =>

I went to Örebro and took a couple of photos of the statue of Ronnie Peterson. This is the one I think turned out best.


Stefan Magnusson